Sightseeing at Zhuhai

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Located at Chimelong International Ocean Resort in Hengqin, Zhuhai. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom features one of the world‘s largest aquariums, allowing guests to view the rare whale shark, beluga whales, polar bears, and other adorable animals up close! Winner of the 2014 Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement (Theme Park), this world-class destination is not to be missed!

New Yuanming Palace(圆明新园; Yuánmíng Xīnyuán) Imitation of the Yuanming Palace in Beijing and covers an area of 1.39 square km. Inside the park there is also 80,000 square meters of lake. Along the lake are many places to hire motor boats and pedelos. The park has many attractions from ancient emperors‘ artifacts and clothes to floating restaurants and traditional Chinese architecture. It offers amazing photo opportunities with the mountains as a backdrop and there are many little pagodas to distract yourself with. In the evening, at the Northern side of the park, there are impressive stage shows depicting traditional Chinese dances and stories in a Broadway style musical presentation. This is a must-see. Also, in the Northern most part of the park there is a sea-battle re-enactment using real boats, explosions and also a troop of cavalry to add to the realism.

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