School of Business
School of Business

A Brief Introduction to the School of Business

The School of Business, established in 2006, is a school with distinctive features and outstanding achievements in GDPST, and a civilized unit directly under the authority of Guangong Province. We are located in Zhuhai to serve the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. We design our majors precisely according to the requirements of the industries and we have four majors at present, namely e-commerce, m-commerce, logistics management and ocean shipping & port logistics. The level of our major construction ranks top among similar majors in Guangdong province, for example, e-commerce is one of the key majors of the National Key Vocational College program and a provincial second-rate brand major, logistics management is a major with central government financial support and also a provincial second-rate brand major, ocean shipping & port logistics is a college level Internet Plus Characteristics major and m-commerce is a characteristic major of an emerging industry.

At present, we have more than 1,860 full-time students, 64 faculty members, among whom 3 are professors, 9 are associate professors and 6 are teachers with doctor’s degree. Among the full-time teachers, over 90 percent are with master’s degree and double qualifications. We enjoy an on-campus training venue of around 4,000 square meters, which includes a provincial collaborative education center for e-commerce (including a call center, art center, operation center and maker’s center) , a provincial training base for ocean shipping & port logistics, a collaborative education center for logistic management, the One Kilometer Delivery operation center, etc.

We put the development of our students in the first place, make major construction our core mission, make integration of production and teaching the emphasis of our work and put cultural construction in a leading place to promote the completion of all kinds of work in the school. Majors in the School of Economics and Management work closely with industries to meet the requirements of industries and explore a “double precision education” model which includes three progressive stages: develop students’ overall quality, train students’ job qualifications and improve students’ ability in doing practical projects. We work together with renowned companies like Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai , Rossini Zhuhai, Higold Group and to train our students. Our graduates enjoy a good career prospect, high salary and outstanding achievements in finding jobs and creating their own businesses. Out students have won many national prizes, which has got them the attention and coverage from medium like China Education Daily, Guang Ming Daily, Zhuhai Special Zone Daily, China Higher Vocational Education Website and, etc.


E-Commerce is a major opened in 1999, and we were recognized as a key major of the national key vocational college program in 2010 and as a Guangdong provincial second-rate brand major in 2016. After 20 years of efforts, we have constructed and carried out a talent training model based on the “college-company dual parties” model. We have built 3 provincial and municipal training bases and our on-campus training base covers an area of over 2,000 square meters. We have 3 national and provincial quality courses, have published more than 20 textbooks together with experts from industries and set up a provincial excellent teaching team.

In order to better serve the development of the e-commerce industry in the Guangdong-Hong kong-Macau Greater Bay area, we have worked closely with well-known companies like Rossini Zhuhai and Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai to build collaborative education centers and we have built the Higold E-Commerce Industrial College with Higold Group. Through practical projects carried out during the two Chinese online shopping carnivals “Double 11” and the “18th June” and the implementation of program classes, we provide our students with precise education to drive the explosive growth of the e-commerce achievements of leading companies, and therefore we have preliminarily formed a pattern of “Deep Integration of Industry and Teaching, Collaborative Education by College and Enterprise ”. In recent years, our students have won more than 20 prizes in provincial and national competitions such as the national challenge of “Innovation, Originality and Entrepreneurship”, and the average levels of our graduates employment rate, self-employment rate and salary are higher than the similar majors in Guangdong province.


Logistics Management

Established in 2003, logistics management is an important major enjoying financial support from the central government, a provincial second-rate major and a pilot major with provincial modern apprenticeship program. We have established a collaborative education center with well-known logistic enterprises in China, and we boast 5 on-campus training rooms, one productive practice base and more than 20 off-campus training bases, all these serving as a guarantee for the students to get practical working opportunities in companies. We have a qualified faculty made up of over 30 full-time and part-times members, among whom 2 are professors and 3 are renowned experts in the industry. Our students have for many times won first prizes in the National Finals of China Vocational Colleges Logistics Enterprise Management Competition and more than 20 other prizes in provincial and above skill competitions.

We train our students precisely according to the industrial requirements of e-commerce logistics companies. We work together with well-known Chinese companies such as and Shunfeng Express to set up program classes and apprenticeship classes, providing more than 3,000 highly skilled talents for the e-commerce logistic companies in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. The recent three years have seen an employment rate of our graduates reaching over 99 percent with an average salary ranking top steadily among similar majors. Large groups of our graduates have become middle and senior management personnel in Guangdong’s e-commerce logistics enterprises.


A Brief Introduction to M-Commerce

Along with the rapid development of smart phones and mobile internet, we took the lead in setting up the m-commerce major in Guangdong province in 2016, which is a key construction major of an emerging industry. We have a strong faculty with 16 full-time and part-time members, among whom there are one professor, 2 associate professors, 2 teachers with doctor’s degrees and 6 chairmen of the board or general managers from companies. We carry out college-enterprise cooperation with famous companies like Higold Group, Gree Group and Rossini to train our students precisely according to requirements of the industry by setting up program classes so as to improve students’ abilities in doing practical projects.

We boast on-campus training bases such as the M-Commerce Experience Center, Product Photography Center, M-Commerce Operation Center, Network Operators Entrepreneurial Center and have hosted Guangdong’s trials of the national mobile business skills competition “O’Pai Cup”. In recent years, our students have won 12 prizes in all kinds of provincial or above competitions, and our teacher-student teams have obtained great achievements in the national mobile business skills competition, the challenge cup of innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the community entrepreneurs cup of Guangdong entrepreneurship and innovation competition.


A Brief Introduction to Ocean Shipping & Port Logistics

Ocean shipping & port logistics is the first group of “Internet Plus” majors given priority to develop by GDPST. We provide  highly skilled talents for the “Internet Plus” smart airports, seaports, land ports and international logistics. Our graduates enjoy good employment, high salary and quick promotion, and the number of those who have found jobs in state-owned enterprises are the biggest in GDPST. We have 6 on-campus training bases, among which there are 1 provincial training base and 4 teaching enterprises, and we have 18 off-campus training bases too, all providing internship opportunities for our students. We have a faculty of over 30 full-time and part-time members with 2 associate professors and other teachers having won 3 prizes in Guangdong Higher Vocational Colleges’ Information Teaching Competition. Our students have been awarded more than 20 prizes in national logistic competitions, the Challenge Cup innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and other provincial or above competitions.

With the purpose of serving the development of port economy in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, and by following the national development strategy of “One Belt One Road Initiative”, we work closely with enterprises like Zhuhai Port Holdings, Zhuhai Airport and Guangzhou Port Group to set up program classes so as to provide highly skilled talents for the development of smart ports in China, for example, posts in smart business, smart control center, smart planning, international shipping management, international trade, etc. First time employment rate of our graduates is 100 percent and they enjoy a salary ranking top among the graduates of similar majors.

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