School of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering
School of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering

Brief Introduction to Industrial Robot Technology

Characteristics of the major: GDPST is the first higher vocational college in China to set up the major-industrial robot technology, which is a cooperative program with Dresden University of Technology in Germany. We are working to meet the IHK curriculum criteria, faculty criteria, examination criteria and evaluation criteria. We have been working closely with large enterprises such as ABB, Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai and SANY Marine Heavy Industry, to serve the regional economic and social development.

Faculty: In this major, all full-time teachers below 40 years old have a doctor’s degree or master’s degree or they are senior engineers. What’s more, we have a visiting scholar back from Dresden University of Technology in Germany, and we have teachers winning titles like municipal “Outstanding Young Talent” and “Excellent Teacher in Nan Yue (Guangdong)”. Besides, one of our teachers has been accepted into the provincial “Qianbaishi Project”. Our teachers are good at professional fields such as electronic technology, automation technology and communication technology.

College-enterprise cooperation: We have provided technological services to public institutions and large enterprises including China Meteorological Administration, SANY Marine Heavy Industry and Zhuhai Oceanalph, we have signed an agreement with the key laboratory of intelligent robot in Hubei Province to carry out scientific collaboration, and we have worked with Dresden University of Technology in Germany to set up the Sino-German School to collaboratively train professionals in the field of German standard robot. Employment of graduates: Our graduates are mainly engaged in assembling, on-site programming, debugging and maintenance, troubleshooting and system integration in the workstations of industrial robot as well as sales jobs in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Brief Introduction to Communication Technology

We train highly skilled professionals who can master the basic knowledge and fundamental theories of communication technology and who are able to design, install and debug communication products, and able to plan, test and maintain communication system projects.

Major courses: Commissioning and application of electronic circuits, data communication network, modern switching technology, optical communication line, mobile communication technology and network optimization, cell phone principles and maintenance, 4G LTE technology, engineering management, etc.

Students should get two of the following professional certificates when they graduate, which are assistant engineer of electronic design, mobile communication operator level 4, network engineer and assistant engineer of mobile communication certified by ZTE.

Prospect posts: technician for the installment and maintenance of communication device, marketing coordinator of communication service, technician for mobile network testing and optimization, technician for cell phone repair, technician for the design of communication products, project manager for communication engineering and so on.

Major cooperative enterprises and employment bases: ZTE Corporation, Zhuhai Mobile, Zhuhai Dingli Corp., Ltd., Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd., and so on.

Communication is a popular industry, so graduates from this major enjoy good employment, satisfactory salary and large room for promotion.

Brief Introduction to Applied Electronic Technology

        Applied Electronic Technology focuses on training technical talents who can meet the requirements of economic development, who develop in a balanced way in terms of morality, intelligence, physique and art, who are equipped with professional knowledge in the field of applied electronic technology and ability of engineering practice, who should master electronic device measurement and testing, electronic assembly (SMT) technology and integrated design of electronic circuit, and who are aspirational with innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, able to develop new products by themselves.

        From our establishment in 1998 to the present, the number of graduates has reached around 3,000 with 457 full-time students currently. Our graduates are mainly engaged in posts of R&D and production management in the industry of electronic information. We now have 12 full-time teachers, 1 of them with a doctor’s degree, 7 of them with senior titles and 7 of them from enterprises who know well the requirements towards talents of industries and companies.

        We have 2 teaching organizations such as Kerui Electronic Enterprise under college-enterprise cooperation, 5 on-campus and off-campus training centers such as the Design Center for Electronic Products and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Electronic Products and 12 off-campus cooperation internship bases such as Zhuhai Zhaoxinglong Electronics Co., Ltd. We provides different talent training models for the students who are from different learning backgrounds before getting enrolled in GDPST.

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