School of Marxism
School of Marxism

The School of Marxism is responsible for the teaching of Ideological & Moral Cultivation and Fundamentals of Law, Introduction to Maoism and Theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Situation & Policy and Comprehensive Quality Courses, and we also do some related scientific researches and provide social service to the society.

We have four departments, namely the department of ideological and political courses, the department of general education courses, the department of scientific research and the department of social practice. We now have 35 faculty members, among whom there are 33 full-time teachers, 3 professors, 7 associate professors and 8 doctors (including one who is now working on the degree). We have a candidate for the “Shibaiqian Project” of the outstanding talents in Guangdong’s Publicity and Ideological Front, a candidate for the backbone teachers in Guangdong’s ideological and political course in colleges and universities, one excellent teacher in Guangdong, one advanced teacher in Zhuhai, and two outstanding teachers in GDPST and two rising teaching stars in GDPST.

By implementing national spirit and requirements for colleges and universities to construct ideological and political courses, we focus on the improvement of teaching activities, connotation of scientific research and the level of social services through the building of courses and teaching teams and supporting research projects. Our teachers are in charge of 4 research projects on humanities and social science approved by the ministry of education, and over 20 projects on the planning of philosophy and social sciences. We published 2 monographs, 4 textbooks and more than 120 scientific papers. The course Introduction to Maoism and Theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics has been approved as a quality course of the provincial ideological and political courses and college level quality resource sharing course, courses such as Ideological & Moral Cultivation and Fundamentals of Law and Introduction to Maoism and Theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics have been recognized as construction projects of college level quality online open courses. Twelve of our teachers have won prizes in provincial competitions such as basic teaching skills competition for young teachers in Guangdong, micro class competition and excellent teaching plan competition. We proactively engage ourselves in social service by publicizing the theories of “The Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China” and offering decision-making consultation to the society and completing a project entrusted by Henqin New Area, which in turn has improved our radiation and influence.

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