School of Sports and Health
School of Sports and Health

A Brief Introduction to the School of Sports and Health

The School of Sports and Health is a team with vigorous, collaborative and aspiring faculty members. Based on the philosophy of serving regional economy with high-end sports, we have set up two specialties: Sports Operation and Management and Social Sports. The Department of Physical Education is the “Training Base of National Vocational Qualification for Sports” and the “Demonstrative Unit to Open its Sports Facilities to the Society in Guangdong Province”. We now have over seventy full-time teachers, Senior Corporate Executives and Skilled Craftsmen, among which there are two professors, more than twenty associated professors and senior coaches, three national referees and one committee member of the “National Guiding Committee for Physical Education in Institutions of Higher Learning”.

Adhering to the talent training model of “corporate-college integration and linking up of job recognition, job rotation, job trial, job substitution and job engagement”, we focus on the training of students with virtues and fine professional qualities by following closely the development of “Internet Plus”, and using digital, intelligent and information-based means to carry out teaching reforms on the basis of job competency. We have been working closely with companies to build cooperative education platforms, for example, more than ten off-campus intern and training bases have been set up with companies like Chimelong and Huafa Group. This enables us to carry out, in actual working environment, our teaching activities with the help of corporate teachers and build our on-campus training bases in accordance with industry standards. In this way, the teaching activities can be carried out in actual working environment as well as virtual working environment, competency training can be combined with real jobs, and in-class activities and off-class activities can be integrated. All this contributes to the realization of work-integrated learning, precise education, and the training of students to completely meet the requirements of industries.

In the recent three years, we have undertaken eleven scientific research projects at or above provincial levels, built one provincial practical teaching base for college students and obtained five national patents. Besides, we have edited six textbooks for vocational college students and published over 200 research papers. Our students have won more than 50 first prizes in skills competitions at or above provincial levels.

A Brief Introduction to Social Sports

Social Sports is a specialty based on “Internet Plus” with two directions: outdoor activities and body building. We have highly skilled faculty members, among whom there are eleven professors, associate professors and senior coaches. We cooperate closely with companies like Zhuhai Huafa and Zhuhai Chimelong to jointly build platforms of collaborative education, carry out the talent training model of “linking up of job recognition, job rotation, job trial, job substitution and job engagement”, and closely follow the development of “Internet Plus” by using digital, smart and information-based means to produce highly-skilled sports talents who will work in front-line posts of sports industries and companies. In the recent three years, our students have won more than 20 prizes in some provincial, national and even international sports competitions. Our graduates are engaged in positions like community sports professionals, coaches, referees, club managers, private fitness trainers, etc., whose average salary is between 4,000 and 8,000 a month with an employment rate of over 98 percent. Our graduates are mainly distributed in economically developed cities in the pearl-river delta and they are well-received by the industry and the society as well.


A Brief Introduction to Sports Operation and Management

Sports Operation and Management includes two directions: sports industrial marketing and golf. We have several experienced faculty members who enjoy high reputation in sports economy, marketing and professional coaching, we have built several on-campus training bases such as a golf training base and sports marketing training room that cover an area of over 30,000 square meters, and we have set up several off-campus practical teaching bases with Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and Huafa Sports Operation and Management Co,. Ltd. We focus on cultivating practical skills of our students, and we work closely with sports industries to train our students through competitions and by making use of real work positions and environment, we make sure our graduates can find jobs where they have studied and worked. We produce high quality and highly skilled talents for positions in sports industry marketing, club management, match operation, etc. In the recent three years, our students have won many first prizes in provincial and national skills competitions. Our graduates, with an average salary of around 5,000 RMB and an employment rate of over 98 percent, are mainly engaged in positions like the development of sports market, marketing planning, coaching and the operation of sports matches and events.

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