Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and Technology (GDPST) is a full-time public higher vocational college approved by the Guangdong provincial government and registered with the Chinese Ministry of Education. At the very beginning of its establishment, GDPST was named Guangdong Institute of Further Education for Scientific and Technical Cadres, responsible for the continuing education of scientific and technical cadres in Guangdong Province, and known as “a jewel of local continuing education” by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.In 1989, GDPST was renamed Guangdong Cadre College of Science and Technology and we became one of the first group of colleges in Guangdong province to provide general higher vocational education in 1996. We cooperated with the Zhuhai municipal government to build the Zhuhai campus in 2001, and in 2003, we turned from an adult college into a general college for higher education, and continued the work of scientific and technical cadres training. The management of GDPST was transferred from the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province to the Department of Education of Guangdong Province in May 2008.

Under the leadership of the Party Committee and in the spirit of “honor integrity, develop competence, seek truth and pursue innovation”, teachers and students of GDPST have worked diligently and jointly to seize opportunities offered by the time to accelerate our development so that we will reach the standard of a first-rate college in China. In December 2008, we passed with honor the Ministry of Education’s Evaluation on the Training of Students of Higher Vocational College, and in 2010, we were awarded by the Guangdong Provincial Government the honorable title of Advanced Unit in Guangdong’s Vocational Education. GDPST was designated as a construction unit of “National Key College of Vocational Education” by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance in 2010. Then in March 2016, we passed the evaluation and was recognized as a “National Key College of Vocational Education” in China.We were identified as a Exemplary College for “Internet plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and as a construction unit of “the First-rate Vocational Colleges” by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province in July 2016 and November 2016 respectively.  In 2016 and 2017, we consecutively won the title “Top 50 Contributors to Social Service among National Vocational Colleges”.  In 2016, we were awarded the honorable title of “National Exemplary Vocational College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” by the organizing committee of the International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo.

We boasttwo campuses at Zhuhai and Guangzhou respectively, which occupy a total area of approximately 530,600 square meters with a building area of 42,800 square meters, including classrooms (30,900 square meters), library (30,500 square meters), gymnasium (9,800 square meters), and internship and training bases (122,900 square meters). We have 21,600 units of teaching and research facilities with a total value of RMB 233.2726 million yuan. Our library is equipped with an overall collection of around 1.47 million physical books and about 7866 GB electronic books and documents.

We have almost 1,300 faculty members, of whom 1,038 are full-time teachers. In terms of full-time teachers, we have 65 professors and 286 associate professors. Those holders of doctoral and master’s degrees, meanwhile, amount to 62 and over 645 respectively. Furthermore, 86.8 percent of our full-time teachers hold double qualifications. A variety of honorable titles were accorded to them, which include one “Advanced Group in the National Education System”, one “Eminent Teacher in Guangdong”, six “Excellent Teachers in Nan Yue (Guangdong) and one “Zhuhai Distinguished Scholar”. Five teachers were accepted into the provincial “Qianbaishi Project”, three teachers were selected as the provincial discipline leaders of Guangdong’s Higher Vocational Education and seven were accepted into the provincial “ Young Outstanding Teachers Program”.

Being a provincial vocational college with the largest number of students, we have more than 21,000 full-time students on campus now. Our college has 14 schools or departments, which are School of Computer Engineering & Technology (School of Computer Software), School of Economics & Management, School of Foreign Languages, School of Humanities & Social Science, School of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, School of Architectural Engineering, Guangzhou School, School of Art & Design, School of Accounting & Finance, Department of Physical Education, School of Marxism, School of Continuing Education, School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and School of International Cooperation. In addition, we have four scientific research organizations, including Guangdong Talent Research Institute, Higher Vocational Education Institute, Electronic Information Technology Institute and Soft Science Institute.

There are 48 majors offered to our students, of which five are key construction majors of the National Key Vocational College program, two enjoy the support of Central Finance, five are provincial exemplary majors and six are provincial key majors. We also boast one provincial first-rate brand major and twelve provincial second-rate brand majors. Such courses as four national quality resource-sharing courses, five national quality courses, five provincial quality courses, twenty-two provincial quality resource-sharing courses, three provincial quality online open courses and one national alternative professional teaching resources bank contribute to many prizes like nine national and provincial teaching achievement prizes.

We attach great importance to the cooperation in production, study and research, application development and the transformation of academic achievements. We encourage teachers to involve in corporate technology R&D, offer technological service to companies and work hard to serve local economic and social development.  We were awarded “Top 50 Contributors to Social Service among National Vocational Colleges ” in 2015 and 2016. In the latest five years, our teachers have undertaken 912 scientific research and technical service projects of all kinds at various levels, among which 77 are at or above provincial level. The research funding of these projects amounts to 48.82 million, 10.15 million of it from projects approved in 2017. We obtained 347 licensed intellectual properties and won four scientific and technological awards above municipal level. Eighteen of our experts were elected as Scientific and Technological Commissioners for Guangdong Enterprises. This same period of time has seen the construction of another two provincial talent bases, one provincial collaborative innovation and development center, one provincial collaborative education center, one municipal public laboratory, one municipal small and medium-sized enterprise service platform.  Our teachers have issued 28 books and 361 of the 2,361 academic papers published by them were collected in core journals and three major retrieval systems of science and technology literature (namely, SCI, EI and ISTP).

We have over 60 on-campus training bases, more than 220 training rooms, and over 800 off-campus training bases. Our college has been designated as “National Spark Training Base” by the Ministry of Science and Technology, “Guangdong Science and Technology Talent Base” by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, “Teachers’ Continuing Education Base for Secondary Vocational Schools in Guangdong” by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, and “Guangdong Continuing Education Base of Professional and Technical Personnel ” by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security respectively.

Students of GDPST have won many prizes at provincial or above competitions, fully showing themselves to the outside world. Over the past five years, 637 provincial or above prizes have beenawarded to our students for skills competitions, among which 27 awards have been granted in the National Vocational Students Skills Competitions (Tianjin National Competition).For example, we have won such honors and prizes as four national championships of Chinese Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition in 2017, Team Champion of Japanese Skills of National Higher Vocational College in 2017, first prize of Design Competition of Building and Planning of Higher Vocational College in 2016, andone first prize as well as two second prizes for the higher vocational group on the contests of “Computer Network Application, Cloud Computing Technology and Applicationand Information Security Management and Evaluation” at the National Vocational Students Skills Competition in 2015. Other awards include first prize at the National Vocational Students Techniques and Skills Innovation Exchange Competition in 2015.

We have produced large numbers of outstanding graduates, for instance, members of the team at the Mobile Applications Development Center, who were hailed by the press as the best vocational college students; a graduate of the 2013 class, who was China’s first vocational college student travelling to the United States for further education on a full scholarship granted by Cisco Networking Academy; a graduate entrepreneur of the 2011 class, who was invited to the CCTV talk show “Aspiration; a student who have for three consecutive years won the first prize in terms of computer network application in the skills competition of Chinese vocational colleges; and a student who was granted “Jinpai Sunshine Scholarship” and named “advanced individual fulfilling craftsmanship” .

Large numbers of students apply for our college each year and we enroll around 8,000 students a year from 18 provinces in China. Students recruited from Guangdong province make our college their first choice in their applications. Our college has never ceased our efforts in carrying out an independent multi-mode enrollment system, which includes the cohesive program of secondary and higher vocational education, the “3+2” pattern (i.e. Three-year study in secondary vocational school and two-year study in higher vocational college) and the modern apprenticeship program. Our graduates are very popular with companies and industries with an employment rate of over 98 percent.

We have established long-term cooperation with well-established corporations, such as Microsoft China, Apple, Cisco, Huawei, Lenovo, Kingsoft, Bluedon, Xiaomi, FAW-Volkswagen, Chimelong Hengqin, and SANY Marine Heavy Industry as a way to develop students’ technical and practical skills.

In order to carry out the strategy of “going global” and serve the requirements of “The Belt and Road Initiative” and the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, GDPST vigorously promotes a new pattern of opening up, strengthening exchange and cooperation with countries like Germany and France, and China’s Taiwan who are known for their developed vocational education. In 2013, we have been one of the first vocational colleges to be granted by the Ministry of Education the rights to send our graduates to colleges in Taiwan so that they can obtain an undergraduate degree there. In 2017, we are qualified to recruit international students, and hence we signed cooperative agreements with world-renowned universities like Groupe ESC Clermont in France and Dresden University of Technology in Germany. Now our first International Management Class with ESC Clermont has already been kicked off.

We make moral education a fundamental task of our college, vigorously carrying out the education of socialist core values, emphasizing the improvement of students’ integrative quality and giving full play to the function of cultural education so as to build a campus culture with scientific, technological, innovative, righteous and harmonious features. All this will lead to the combination of cultural education and talent cultivation. We have carried out extracurricular activities featured by Campus Scientific Innovation Festival and Campus Festival of Culture and Art. Various measures have been taken to promote traditional Chinese culture, innovation and entrepreneurial culture. For example, we hold GDPST forums of innovation and entrepreneurship, and offer various campus activities such as the Contest of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Festival of Science and Technology, which cover the themes of “Internet Plus”, of “promoting the traditional culture of Guangdong, and upgrading the integrative ability of college students”, which also contribute to the overall development of our students. In addition, our college, relying on the Activity Week of Vocational Education, introduces science and technology, arts, sports and law into communitiesand provides volunteer work through our students to promote the construction of a better city. In those large-scale events like the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), China (Zhuhai) International Aviation and Aerospace Exposition, and China ( Hengqin at Zhuhai) Circus Festival, our students are the main force of volunteers, working as interpreters, receptionists, coordinators, traffic guiders consultants, and so on. All these have not only improved the students’ capabilities, but also won wide acclaim from the community.

Under the motto of “Honor Integrity, Develop Competence, Seek Truth and Pursue Innovation” and in accordance with the philosophy of “Pursuing Excellency, Distinction and Innovation”, we are committed to building a national first-rate and internationally known leading vocational college that produces quality talents well-accepted by the society, provides satisfactory social services and plays a more eminent exemplary role in China.  

Copy right: 2014 Guangdong Institute of Science and Technology. All rights reserved.
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